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The article is devoted to the problem of modernization in connection with the functioning of political and legal institutions. It features some theories and approaches to the concept of modernization. As the starting point of the study, the author once again refers to the necessity of modernizing the society. Modernization of the society shapes a strong and independently developing state by strengthening all its spheres. The responsible political and legal institutions are to resolve possible contradictions arising at the personal level. This makes it possible not only to form the image of a social state, but also to envisage possible risks arising in connection with the opposition of private and group interests. The paper appeals to the current Russian reality. Any social development presupposes conformity or inconsistency to the challenges of our time. For political and legal institutions, this means a need to aggregate the state bodies, its logical structure, its algorithm of actions, the cyclical pattern and interaction of various branches of power structures. The article takes into account the complexity of the modernization process: any society should strive to preserve the basic characteristics of the state system. In addition, it is important to ensure the possibility of state development due to the necessary modernization of all elements that make up the social system. In conclusion, attention is drawn to the development of social structures and social elements that involve solving a variety of issues related to the principles of life and the s ocial existence of citizens.

modernization , political and legal institutions , politics , law , society
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