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The theory and practice of modern vocational education determines a possibility of a qualitative solution for the personality development problems, through the system of competences formed. Continuing education presupposes such pedagogical technology that would provide a productive implementation model for activity in question and guarantee the quality and reliability of scientific result based on the foundations of pedagogical methodology and scientific research in general. A detailed structure of the quality of the student’s health-saving training is based on the products of personal self-examination and observation of the teaching staff. A health-saving training implies involving the student into social, educational and professional relationships, as well as good attendance. In this sense, health becomes the main construct of all achievements and a significant resource of personal and social self-preservation. Phenomenology of health and healthy lifestyle is important for solving development problems, where health-saving training can be identified as one of the main components. In education process, health-training helps to identify and resolve various matters related to the choice of means, methods and pedagogical techniques.

healthsaving training of the trainee’s personality, pedagogical technology, pedagogical conditions, principles, methods and means of health-saving training of the student
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