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Abstract (English):
The article is devoted to the analysis of modern trends and problems of implementing social policy in the Kemerovo Region. But their description is preceded by the substantiation of the importance of social policy for normal functioning of the society and some of its conceptual aspects: the interpretation of social policy, its subjects and levels. The paper also features the regional experience of social support for different population groups and the implementation of social programs. To assess the effectiveness of the social policy, a statistical analysis of the indicators of the social living standards, public health, accommodation, as well as education and culture has been carried out. Such aspects as the increase in poverty incidence and the high level of morbidity of the regional inhabitants are named as the most problematic ones. However, the high pace of real estate development has made it possible, in recent years, to significantly reduce the proportion of the people who need better housing conditions. In conclusion, it is deduced that social policy should remain the most important component of the state policy in general and the central task of regional authorities, especially if the territorial community is in difficult socio-economic conditions.

social policy, social sphere, social problems, region, living level, morbidity, housing conditions.
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