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The paper features some relevant issues of developing an adequate policy in the field of urban water supply. The authors analyze the information systems of innovative management of organizations of the urban water utilization scheme, recycling of water resources and sewage. They identify the specifics of information systems from the point of view of their use in the Russian practice of sustainable water supply. The research involved analytical and logical methods, as well as theoretical developments in the field of management of urban organizations. As a result, the authors managed to identify the tools for the strategy of sustainable urban water utilization scheme. They prove that its development is hindered by the lack of comprehensive and reliable information to support strategic development, policy development, and management decisions. Based on the analysis of information systems, they point out topical issues that need to be addressed at various levels and introduce new principles for the urban water utilization scheme. Sustainable urban development is inextricably linked with the solution of the water supply problem, including recycling of water resources and sewage. The paper offers some provisions for a sustainable urban water supply strategy.

sustainable urban development, water resources
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