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Our society needs highly qualified specialists able to meet the requirements of the modern socio-economic situation in the country, hence the need to identify the features of psychological readiness for professional activity in students of pedagogy. The present research features the peculiarities of psychological readiness for professional duties displayed by graduates of institutions of professional and higher education. The article focuses on the concept of "readiness for professional activity", its typologies and components. The authors revealed the essence and relationship of the concepts of "psychological readiness" and "readiness for professional activity". The research provided key features of students' psychological readiness for professional activity and the possibilities of their formation in the conditions of professional and higher education institutions. The article substantiates the need to develop and test methods for research of students' psychological readiness for professional activity. The authors developed and tested a program for the formation of psychological readiness for professional activity in university and college students. Its implementation can significantly improve the professional competence of future specialists in pedagogy.

professional education, higher education, future teachers, factors of readiness formation, professional training
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