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The state of employment on regional labor markets determines the economic development of the region. The present research owes its relevance to the problem of creating jobs on the Kuzbass labor market. The study involved data on vacancies offered in 24 local single-industry towns and posted on the website of the Department of Labor and Employment of the Kemerovo Region. The vacancies were grouped according to the register of spheres and types of professional activity. The professional qualification structure of the open vacancies was classified by the level and profile of education. A separate study was conducted for single-industry towns that possess the status of the territory of advanced social and economic development. The authors compared the open vacancies in these towns with the corresponding municipal development programs. The research objective was to identify areas of professional activity with the greatest shortage of personnel in Kuzbass single-industry towns. Enterprises in the region appeared understaffed with technical specialists with secondary vocational education. Most open vacancies were in the spheres of healthcare, transport, and industry. The study revealed a need to increase the prestige of qualified workers. The results can improve the efficiency of the employment service and educational institutions.

vacancies, Kemerovo region, vocational qualification structure, employment, unemployment, Internet sources, job search sites
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