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The present research featured the possibilities of using the training process to develop volitional character qualities in young football players in a sports school. The article describes the theoretical ideas about volitional qualities as an object of psychological and pedagogical research, as well as various types of activity where these qualities can be realized. The authors focus on the development of volitional qualities in primary school children involved in sports vs. their peers. They believe that sport brings about positive changes in the parameters of the volitional sphere of the primary school students, e.g. discipline, sense of purpose, etc. The research experimentally proved the effectiveness of football for the development of volitional qualities in primary school children. The research results can improve the process of developing various volitional qualities in pupils during extracurricular activities. The paper also introduces a program of psychological and pedagogical support, which develops volitional qualities in young football players.

primary school students, sports activities, football, organizations of additional education, personality development
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