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Abstract (English):
The paper presents a review of modern philosophical and methodological literature on exploring complexity. The research featured the effect of metaphor in the cognitive processes, research communication, and transmission of complex ideas. The author developed a classification of metaphors in the context of exploring complexity. The approach is based on the identification of a certain ontological and epistemic content of the metaphor. The contextual role of the metaphor in cognition processes depends on these aspects of its content. The author analyzed the groups of metaphors associated with such topics of exploring complexity as self-organization, ecology, and dialogue. The metaphors proved important in developing a complex vision of the relationship between the cognizer and the world. The study also examined the axiological aspects of the metaphors, as well as the connection between the metaphor and the new vision of rationality, typical of the philosophical reflection of complexity. The metaphor proved to have a heuristic, communicative, and organizational potential in conditions of methodological uncertainty. The context of philosophical and theoretical-methodological reflection of complexity makes it possible to study the metaphor in order to identify the existing models of exploring complexity and their cognitive stylistics.

ontological complexity, epistemic complexity, heuristic value, rationality, uncertainty
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