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The article introduces some PR-promotion opportunities for the greenhouse complex of the Tauride Garden (St. Petersburg), which provides a unique historical platform for recreational activities and leisure time. The research featured PR-promotion techniques that can be employed by organizations of leisure and recreation, especially when targeting foreign audience. The author defined key characteristics inherent to leisure organizations and the features of their PR-promotion. The paper contains a SWOT analysis, a review of media statistics, a search profile, and an analysis of the best foreign and Russian practices. The study also involved a survey conducted among foreign citizens visiting St.Petersburg, which made it possible to determine their awareness of the leisure opportunities offered by the Tauride Garden and assess the related level of satisfaction. The author proposes a number of recommendations for PR-promotion of the greenhouse complex of the Tauride Garden among foreign visitors.

public relations, foreign audience, media statistics, organization image, benchmarking, promotional events
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