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The first decade of the XXI century saw an explosive growth of conservatism in Russian government and society. This process resulted in the scientific focus on the domestic and foreign theoretical heritage in this philosophical and political-legal aspect. The question remains whether the Russian conservatism is directive or only recommendatory. At this moment, it is the current political vocabulary that is conservative, not the actual activities. The gap between the proclaimed tasks and the liberal model of the current Constitution is growing wider. The dead-end nature of the Russian political system had been obvious long before its adoption in 1993. The present study substantiates the urgent need for the development of the scientific heritage accumulated by the domestic conservative tradition and its transformation into a program with a clear roadmap. The article focuses on the theoretical provisions, generalizations, and conclusions made by N. Ya. Danilevsky, which may be applied to the current state of Russian statehood and its prospects. The Russian state studies need a new scientific paradigm, primarily in the field of constitutional law.

conservatism, conservative tradition, liberalism, civilization, statehood, constitution, legal consciousness
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