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Innovative approaches improve the quality of modern education, especially when they develop personality and contribute to the psychological and physiological health of students and teachers. The authors modeled and described a health-saving competence of a school teacher. The model consists of several components and covers targets, content, procedures, and assessment. The target block describes the goals, objectives, principles, and approaches to improving the health-saving competence of a school teacher in the process of adaptive and developmental interaction between various subjects of school education. The content block includes a set of education events aimed at solving academic, educational, developmental, social, and recreational tasks in class and during extracurricular activities. The procedural block reflects the types and orientation of adaptive and developmental interaction between subjects of school education. It corrects psychological, pedagogical, and health-saving support for students of primary and secondary schools, depending on their age, behavioral patterns, functional capabilities, and socio-pedagogical environment. The assessment block features psychological, pedagogical, didactic, and information technologies that develop health-saving competence in a school teacher. The theory was supported by an ascertaining and formative experiment based on the abovementioned pedagogical model.

health-saving competence, pedagogical model, model components, psychological and pedagogic competences of a school teacher, didactic competences, informatics and technological competences
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