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The article features the interrelation of personal socialization are studied in sociology. The objectives are achieved by addressing the following tasks: consideration of theoretical approaches to understanding of socializational trajectory; analysis of the ratio of vital and socializational trajectories and description of features of the mechanism of a socializational trajectory. The vital trajectory of a person is defined by the social differentiation of society. Many aspects of personal development (social relations, social advance, inclusion in the certainsocial groups, including closed ones, etc.) depend on the social stratum he belongs to and the fact whether the person has an opportunity to influence behavior and consciousness of other people influence. While analyzing a vital trajectory, the researcher has to consider various bases of social differentiation. The article states specifics of socializational trajectory. A socializational trajectory is a graphic representation of development of the personality that reflects the influence of both adaptive and maladaptive practices and the measure of institutional maintenance. The starting points for the analysis of the process of socialization are the personality and the social space in which social interaction is implemented. When creating a socializational trajectory, studying happens from the outside: features of the personality, his or her ability, affirmations and the purpose of development are analyzed

Socialization, course of life, mechanism, vital trajectory, social trajectory.
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