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The Biy Council in its modern and innovative version is a test for this traditional institution. The present research used a comparative legal approach to study various models of traditional institutions in the legal system of Kazakhstan. This article discusses the archetypes of the traditional legal culture of the Kazakhs, namely the judicial proceedings by the biys, which were used by the Kazakhs for many centuries in resolving legal conflicts and controversial issues of nomadic life. The article explains the reasons behind the revival of this archetype and the legal status of the biys. According to the statistics, the percentage of pre-trial resolution of cases by the Biy Council keeps increasing, thus relieving the burden on the first and second instance courts. The decisions made by the biys are not contested and are executed by the parties, which also reduces the load on the courts of general jurisdiction in the country. The Kazakh legal system is based on customs and the Muslim law, which makes the development of customary law in the Kazakh steppe predominantly practical. The article introduces some cases resolved by the modern biys and provides statistics on the number of disputes considered. The author also sums up the extent to which borrowing of traditions is necessary at the present time.

Trial by jury, Sharia court, culture, traditions, transmission of experience, Biy Council, Biy Court, biy, legal nihilism
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